Plug Sockets also known as Socket Outlets or Power Points

Whether you want additional power points in your property or some of your existing power points replacing I can help you. 

 Sometimes there seems to be no power and the power point is not working when you plug an appliance in that works in other plug sockets, this could be due to a faulty power point, blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or tripped RCD, residual current device.

There will be a reason why this has happened. It could be: 

  1. a fault in the installation wiring

  2. a faulty power point

  3. a fault in an appliance that was plugged in to that circuit

  4. circuit overload caused by to many appliances on a circuit

  5. faulty circuit protection that is no longer able to carry the load it was designed for

As a fully licensed and registered electrician I can help diagnose and fix those problems for you. I carry all the required parts and equipment in my vehicle, if I haven't got an exact match I will at least get you up and running again until I have sourced matching parts.

PDL 60 Series

Older power points such as PDL's 60 series plug sockets have a couple of design flaws. One of these is where the plug pin receptacles spread as they get old resulting in heat being generated due to the poor electrical contact.


You will notice this if you use an appliance that requires several kilowatts of energy, such as a heater. The plug and socket will get very warm or hot. 


Sometimes there will be visible burn marks on the face of the plug socket and plug. Continued use this power point can result in damage to appliances, and their plugs and may result in fire.

They also have no shutters over the pin receptacles meaning that any objects that will fit in the hole can be inserted creating the risk of electrocution.


Also as shown in the next picture, due to the fact that there are no shutters, debris and fluff can enter the power point and gather around the contacts acting as the perfect tinder, creating a fire risk.

PDL 60 Series
Protective earth pin of a plug in contact with the recepticle at the back of a 60 series socket outlet.

Another issue with the 60 series is the protective earth pin receptacle contacts in the power point spreading.


As a consequence an appliance that requires a protective earth, known as a class I appliance,  plugged in to the faulty power point will no longer have an effective earth connection.

The result is a dangerous situation should the appliance have a fault or develop a fault during use, with the risk of electric shock and at the very worst electrocution or fire.

Protective earth pin of a plug NOT  in contact with the recepticle at the back of a 60 series socket outlet.


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